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An Allergy is a condition involving the immune system that may cause sneezing, itching, chronic rashes, wheezing, and even life-threatening allergic reactions. They happen when the Immune system overreacts to a usually harmless substance (an allergen) that is breathed in, eaten, touched or injected. This allergic reaction can affect different parts of the body, resulting in the following diseases or conditions:

  • Asthma: there is swelling and spasm in the airways of the lungs, causing them to narrow.
  • Anaphylaxis: severe and possibly life-threatening allergic reaction. Your child will need to be treated right away followed by a call to 911. Main medicine to treat Anaphylaxis is Epinephrine (requires prescription).
  • Contact dermatitis: itchy rash caused when the skin comes in contact with certain things (poison ivy, oak, creams, cosmetics, jewelry).
  • Eczema: chronic, itchy rash.
  • Food allergy: Ranges from stomachache, to skin rash, to a serious medical emergency like anaphylaxis. Most are caused by: cow’s milk, peanuts, fish, eggs, soy, wheat, nuts from trees, and shellfish.
  • Hay Fever: allergic reaction in the nasal passages causing a runny, itchy and stuffy nose, and sneezing. Also may be associated to itchy, red, watery eyes.
  • Hives: itchy welts that may be caused by food, medicines, viruses, etc.
  • Insect Sting Allergy: Potentially severe reactions from the stings of yellow jackets, wasps, fire ants, or other stinging insects.
  • Medication Allergy

What causes Allergies?

Some of the most common allergens are:

  • Pollens from trees, grass, and weeds
  • Molds
  • Dust mites
  • Animal Dander
  • Some foods and medicines
  • Venom form insect stings

How can I treat it?

There are many medicines to treat allergic reactions, including antihistamine pills or syrup, eye drops, nose sprays, asthma treatments, and creams/ointments. These can help relieve allergy symptoms. Allergy medicines may have minor side effects such as sleepiness or irritability. Before using NY medication, carefully read the warnings on the label and consult with your doctor. Although medicines can be helpful, it is important to identify allergy triggers and remove them when possible.

Lizaida Medina-Candelaria MD FAAP

Office Phone: 561-619-2460

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